The Bureau - San Francisco 1875

Getting Loaded

The team begins their next mission with a brief visit to a machine shop on the edge of town, where they are introduced to Sergei and Arslan. A dark, noisy, foul-smelling warehouse at the southern edge of town.

Norton had ordered special equipment for the Bureau, and the investigators will field test it prior to more being made.

The special equipment in question is a normal looking wagon. Designed to sleep four, loaded with medical supplies, hidden armored plates in the sides, and a Gatling machine gun hidden behind the drivers bench.

(Aspects: Well Armored; Heavy and Slow; Mini-Ambulance)

Joe and Vera look around for any other useful equipment, while Caroline secures heavier horses to pull the wagon. Joe haggles Sergei down on the price of a sniper rifle. Sergie also proudly shows off his (by which he mean’s Arslan’s) invention, a wireless telegraph.
The telegraph requires a physical crank to get a sufficient charge, so the team recognized that it is of limited usefulness to them at the moment. However, they jump at the chance to improve communications with HQ, and have the two prototypes sent to the Music Hall.

They get underway again, and finally arrive in San Jose after nightfall.

Sheriff Johnson of San Jose meets them and fills them in on the specifics of the situation.
Two nights prior, strange lights were seen over Santa Cruz (a mining town on the coast)
The following day, a group of miners bringing a load of ore up to the San Jose steel mill was attacked by something. One man escaped, Joshua Goodman, but he is babbling incoherently. The mill sent some men to investigate, and found the ore cart, unharmed. However, the horses appeared to be partially eaten and the other men were missing.
A team had been sent down to Santa Cruz, and are well overdue to return.

Realizing it is too late to start to Santa Cruz, the team secures the wagon and get rooms and meals. Unfortunately, while unwinding with a few (many) drinks, Vera gets mixed up with a bunch of rowdy steel mill workers and a bar brawl ensues. It escalates when Joe and Caroline get involved. Fortunately, no permanent injuries are sustained and the rowdy steel workers find themselves tied up out front with their pants lining the bottom of the horse trough.

(GM reminder, we had to stop abruptly, because of this scene Vera begins with 5 Fate points, and Joe with 4)


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